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Wildlife art screen printed shirts and handmade furry animal gifts.
Handcrafted furry animals made with real fur and feathers.
Fake or synthetic furry cats, dogs and animals.
Deer hunting shirts available in:  Tshirts, Sweatshirts, Henleys and more!
Bird shirts available in: Eagles, Loon, Ducks, Pheasant and Turkey!
Fishing shirts available in:  Muskies, Walleyes, Northerns and more!
Animal wildlife shirts available in: Bear, Moose, Wolves, and Elk!
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Greetings Deb!  Thank -you for your E-mails.  Yes, I received the pigeon and the loon and am VERY happy with them.  So now I have the crow (which is my favorite!) the pigeon, and the Loon.  I am very satisfied with everything I have ordered from you and would HIGHLY recommend your company to anyone.  Also, I appreciate your kindness and great customer service.
All the best!  Kurt 

Ms. Kowal,
Thank you for the personalized e-mail.  I have to tell you what made me order the rabbits. We went to Target to have their pictures made recently for Easter and they had the Realistic Bunnies as props.  My 3 and 6 yr old went crazy over them and just kept petting them.  So I ordered them to go in their Easter Baskets.  I might order the chicks as well.  I haven't decided yet.  Even though they are not meant to be played with, I think teaching them to take care of them is the next best thing to a real pet and they will enjoy keeping them in their rooms. 
Thanks again, Connie

Dear Deb & Pat,
I received my order on Tuesday (quicker than I expected) and fell in love with "Puzzle" and "Amber" immediately!  I named her "Amber" because of her beautiful and lifelike eyes.  Puzzle was a perfect name for Calico Cat so I didn't change his name.  I couldn't wait to bring them to Mom at the Nursing Home.  As usual, Mom was sitting in her wheelchair, just staring out the window of her room.  I had wrapped both kittys in baby blankets and because Mom's vision is so poor, she didn't realize I was carrying anything.  I handed her Amber first and her face lit up.  What do we have here!  she said and proceeded to remove "Amber" from her blanket and gave her a big hug.  You would have thought "Amber" was a real cat!  She pet her and talked to her just like she used to do with Ginger.  I told her Amber had a friend and then I handed her Puzzle.  She was overjoyed with her new "family".  I wish I had remembered to bring my camera, because that's the happiest I have seen my Mom since she left her beloved cat with me and moved into the Nursing Home.  She carrys both of them on her lap as I wheel her around the Nursing Home.  Staff and other residents stop and admire her new "family" and she doesn't feel alone any more.  At night she sits Amber in the corner of her bed and hugs Puzzle til she drifts off to sleep.  The nurses say she is sleeping through the night now but if she can't find one of them she buzzes for the nurse and they happily find her missing pet.  I hope her happiness with her new family continues....it's so nice to see her happy.  I never thought anything other than her own cat could pick up her spirits, and although she still misses "Ginger" terribly, her new kittys are giving her a great deal of comfort.  Thank you so much!!  Sincerely, Avia (and Mamma Kae). 

Thank you!!!
I LOVE my Rooster!!!
He sits in my dining room on the windowsill and I can't believe how often people jump when they see him and say that they thought (just for a split second) he was real.  I have always had a chicken of some sort in my kitchen but I must say this one is the best.  Thank you!  I don't have any real ones anymore but he is the next best thing.

I ordered a rabbit fur kitten from you for my dad who is in the Veterans Home Memory care unit. He has Alzheimer's. He always loved his cat. He now loves this one I ordered from you. He pets its and talks to it like it's real. A very calming effect. Brings tears to my eyes to see him happy and calm like that. I'm glad I thought of it and I'm glad you make them. I work in a nursing home and children, baby dolls, and animals are some of the best therapy there is. I would recommend your work to anyone who has loved one in a home and misses their pet.
Thank You,

I've had occasion to order two of your little kittens in baskets, both for elderly women who had lost their beloved kitties. In both cases, the recipients were touched and delighted by their new "kitties." They are beautiful little works of art! Thank you so much for bringing a smile to the faces of these two special ladies!

Poultry is big business in our State, and where I work.  My boss's boss was leaving for a job at a big University, so I gave her one of your chickens (Model CK08T).
It went over VERY well.  She and the four people standing around got a big kick out of it when she opened the box, especially about how realistic the chicken looked.
The gift recipient has a Ph.D. and a law degree, so I thought it was funny when she asked, "Can I carry it around with me today?"  I said, "Do whatever you want with it.  It's your chicken!"  She also said, "It will have a place of honor in my new office."
After she had left, out of curiosity, I asked her secretary, "Did she really carry that chicken around with her?"  The secretary said, "Yes, for about 2 hours."
So, thanks again.  In my lifetime (I'm 56) your chicken is very high on my list of gifts that have gone over best.

I'm loving how my new bunny is looking in my photos!  I was apprehensive at first, but am so pleased with how the pictures are turning out.  I have clients asking me if they can schedule a session with the "live" bunny.  Love that my bunny does not poop, pee or bite!  Wanted to share photos from y shoot today!

Hi Deb!
I certainly did and they are beautiful. I wrapped up the chicken with a box of corn flakes as my husband tells a story about their pet chicken he had as a kid that used to open the cabinet to get at the cereal. As his mother has been gone for over 50 years, I think it will be the perfect little remembrance this Christmas.
Blessings to you and yours,
UPDATE: Andrew LOVED the chicken! It sits on top of our china closet with the empty box of corn flakes. As we get older there isn't much that we don't get ourselves when we need it so it was a nice surprise and we all had a good laugh. Of course, he had to tell the story again...our children have heard it often, but it was the first time for our daughter-in- law. Please use the story if you want and let me know if you want a photo. Have a happy and healthy new year and I'll be ordering again for Easter:-) (I've got my eye on the cow...if its still available!)

Hi Deb!
The order came as promised and my mom loves her Yorkie she has now named Little Latte. She would love to have a real dog but just can't take on that responsibility with her current health and time in life. This was a great, realistic alternative and she was tickled to receive it. Now when I tell her the naughty things my dogs do she is quick to tell me that her Little Latte would never do that. Such a well behaved dog!
Thanks for everything.

Thank you so much for your great customers service.  I have ordered twice from you now, and I would continue to order from your company.  You always seem to really care about your customers and go above and beyond.  It seems to be less and less common to get good customer service, but your company is definitely an exception.  I would definitely use and recommend your company not only for the well-made, unique products, but for the AMAZING customer service which is very important to me as a consumer.
Also, you can keep my e-mail address for special updates.
Thank you-

Dear Deb,
Yes, it arrived, and it is BEAUTIFUL, and worth three times the price I paid for it. FYI, it's a gift for my mother's 90th birthday on March 17, who told me wistfully when she was watching a show on Animal Planet, "I would LOVE to have a goat", but of course she's too old to care for it, feed it, etc, so I found you on the Internet ! I will certainly buy from you in the future. My mom loves cows, elephants, etc.

For my mother's birthday I wanted to send her a white stuffed cat like the one she used to keep on her bed when I was little.  In looking on line, I found a site that sells stuffed animals made of rabbit fur.  They are very realistic.  I thought that rabbit fur would have a similar feel to a real cat, but without claws, cat food all over and no litter box.  Due to her dementia, Mom likes to have something to keep her hands busy, so I ordered a sleeping white cat.
The reason I am telling you this is because I was so impressed with the excellent customer service I received.  The cat I wanted was out of stock, but after several emails back and forth, the lady called me (twice) and helped me chose a cat that she had in stock.  When we finally settled on a cat, Deb, the lady who runs the company, told me on the phone that she was going to find a box right then and get the kitty sent the next day, to be sure Mom got it before her birthday, which she did.  Once Deb heard about my mom, she took the mission personally, and really went out of her way to make sure my Mom got a pretty one.  My sister said that it arrived within a few days, and that it was, in fact, very cute.  I haven't seen it myself, but I trust her judgement.
If you need a gift for a person with dementia, a child, or just someone who likes animals, I recommend that you look at this web site.  The address is: wildlifetreasures.com.

Dear Deb, You Are Amazing!  Thank You For Coming Through For Us At Such Last Minute Notice....The Chickens & Chicks Are The Highest Quality I Have Ever Seen....Those Chickens Were Alive & Hoping All Throughout My Video!  I Attached Fishing Line To Them & We Had 2 Puppeteers Working Them!....They Look So REAL!  Lol.....I Will Gladly Forward You Some Stills From The Production With The Chickens....We will Definitely Be Using Your Products In Our Future Projects...Thanks Again, Sincerely,
Mikey Russo
Paragon Productions/JHD Productions

Yes, Gigi got the kitty cat & gave it to mom at Christmas.  Mom is now in a care home (from assisted living) and loves the kitty cat.  I went to TX & saw the cat for the first time.  It is wonderful and is really soft.  Mom pets it & it is good for her.  Thank you so much.  It really does it's job.

Hi Deb,
We did receive the Llama.  Thank you for asking.  Your service was excellent.
Our daughter asked Santa for a llama.  The old elf looked a bit concerned until
she explained that she didn't want a real one.  We really had to scramble to
locate a toy llama.  Thank you for coming to the rescue.  When she received
the package, she wanted to know Santa's address. She explained that she
wanted to send him a thank you note.
So, thank you Santa for making a little girl's Christmas wish come true.

Thank you for sending the parrot so quickly; he arrived on our front porch Thurs. afternoon just in time for that evening's "Treasure Island" rehearsal.  His blue and yellow feathers are beautiful, and he will be perfect for Long John Silver's pet in the play.  He will even have a microphone in his cage because he has words to say: "pieces of eight, pieces of eight, awk, awk, awk!".  I'm not sure what that means but it sounds good in the play! 
It was very nice doing business with you because you were so friendly and helpful in getting us what we needed for the play.  I also was impressed with how easy your website was to navigate in.  I gave the web address to our director for future use.  Good luck to you.

 Hi Deb,
I just wanted to let you know that my grandchildren received their little animals and were absolutely thrilled with them.  They arrived while I was still at my daughter's house in Mesa, Az., so I had the treat of seeing the looks on their faces when they opened the boxes.  My grandson, R.J. named his cheetah Toodles.  My granddaughter said she had to get to "know" the personalities of the little bunnies before she would assign names.  A family friend was also there and she took pictures with her super camera and will be sending them to me soon. I'll send them as soon as I get them along with pictures of the entire animal menagerie at my house.
"Talk" to you soon.

Just want to say your service is AWESOME, got the sweatshirts on time for
 our gathering.  Gave my brother and sister-in-law their sweatshirts and they
 all but cried!!!  They were so excited!  They LOVED THEM!!! 
Thank you for everything!!!  I am so excited about your product,
the quality and the selections are super!  Will definitely refer people to your site!  Thank you for your wonderful service!

Dear Debbie,
I just received the little Schnauzer and I wanted to complement you on it.  The dog is beautifully done, very realistic and it looks almost exactly like my dog when it was a pup.  I am impressed with the realistic fur which is soft and very nicely applied.   I am really impressed.  I haven't the heart to ship it back (considering the circumstances I mentioned, where the gal got a real dog) so I will most likely keep it myself.

Yes I got them and the trick worked great.  Wanna know how I know?  At every magic show, a couple other magicians always come.  One of them, who was sitting in the front row and said something to me like "Wow it must suck to have to take care of all those rabbits, one is time consuming enough".  I didn't spill the beans to him, I just laughed later because if those fakes from you fooled him sitting in the front row, I'm sure they will fool everyone else.  Taking one real rabbit out of the cage full of rabbits is very convincing....  Thanks for expediting my order,  I have bookmarked your site and will certainly check in with you the next time I have a similar idea.  Wish you had some realistic fake unicorns! 
Happy Holidays and best regards,

Hi Deb,
Yes, please keep my email address and let me know of updates.  Although I hope I don't have to buy another pigeon (this is the second), I do love your products.  The original pigeon, purchased a few years ago as part of the NYC theme for my daughter's bedroom, was recently eaten by a friend's puppy :-(
For a lot of sentimental reasons she was devastated - not only had the pigeon been in her room in PA, it also came with us to our new home in FL.  Here it was still in her room (not a NYC theme anymore), it was used as a prop in a theatrical show she was in, The Producers, and it's most current "job" was residing with her in her first apartment in Orlando where it had become somewhat of a mascot for her and her friends - properly named, the whole bit.
They were all heartbroken when the puppy dismantled it, and I'm sure they'll all be pleased when the new one arrives.  I'm certain it will reside somewhere above the puppy's reach this time...but just in case, yes please, keep me updated on your website!

UPDATE:  Hi Deb...

Our daughter opened her pigeon on Christmas morning - it was one of the first she opened - and she was so ecstatically thrilled that she came to the verge of tears, and looking at the other wrapped gifts in front of her she said "I don't need anything else".  It was fantastic to see her so happy, especially since the previous week had been a tough one: in a car accident (without a car for the next two weeks while it's repaired), lost her job, her apt. was robbed and her computer was stolen (still under investigation), her two temporary roommates up and left leaving her with their puppy (the one that ate the original pigeon).  I'm not making this up and this isn't a script for a Lifetime Movie Network movie :-)
Pige Two has a place of prominence in her living room and marks the first step in the restoration of Normal Life for her.
Thank you Wildlife Treasures!
P.S.  I'd send a photo of Pige and Emily, but unfortunately the software to download the photo from her camera is on the stolen computer.  fingers crossed the computer will be recovered so that none of the photos remain "stuck" on her camera! 

Dear Deb,
My Granddaughter LOVED the unicorn!  Just talked to her on the phone and she thanked me for "my real live unicorn that I always wanted!"  Makes this grandma's heart happy!  I had to smile because it was a surprise to her.  She and I had never talked about a unicorn for her birthday.  Thank you so much for making it happen.  Her mommy told me it actually arrived the day before her birthday.  So even though it's lake at night, it feels like that sunny day!
Thanks for helping make my girl happy!

I am a Director of Catering and Conference planning for Hotels/Resorts.  I have sales people and conference planning managers under me along with a full Banquet department.  The one thing I preach/teach is that sales is about forming relationships and of course, SERVICE to seal that relationship.  Trust me when I tell you, I will always turn to you first for that perfect gift and you and I will be doing business for a long time!  It is a pleasure to shop with you!  Thanks for all the attention to detail and to my preferences and concerns!  I shall tell all who have a need for what you offer!  Word of mouth is as good as it gets!  My brother loved the gifts and I have to tell you, the shirt was my favorite, though both items were truly wonderful!
Merry Christmas!

Hi Deb
Yes I received the order and so appreciate you getting them to me so quickly for Christmas.  When I open the package I was very impressed and loved the pheasant on the back WHAT A GREAT JOB!!!  When I gave them to the guys at Christmas they loved them.  Marty put his on right away and kept it on all Christmas day:)  The fit was perfect.  The guys plan on wearing them when they go on their next pheasant hunt.  They plan on wearing the shirts every time they hunt for pheasant now and are going to put a black mark on the shirt for every pheasant they get LOL!!  (must be a guy thing):)  Thank you so much for the wonderful shirts and for the GREAT!!! Service I will definately shop with you again and if anybody needs wild life shirts I will tell them about you:)
Thanks Sheryl a very satisfied customer

Thank you for your concern.  Yes I received them quickly!  I truly love my furry dog, and the crows!  I keep them out so everyone sees them!  People actually commented that the crows looked stuffed!!  I keep them on top of my TV!  I love crows!!  The dog is beautiful!  I will make sure to have my friends visit your website!!  Thanks again.

Just wanted you to know, the teachers loved the realistic looks of the chicks and they are very excited to utilize them in the classroom with the science set they received showing the 21 day development of the chicks inside the egg.  Thank you so much for your wonderful products!  Barb

Dear Deb,
Athena received her kittens after she came home from school on Friday.  I was beyond being grateful to you and the delivery was really quite a surprise, since we both thought it might be Saturday or even later.  She was so excited and happy.  Her mother said that the black and white one, was an exact replica of Athena's Panda Bear that her Yorkie ate.  The whole family was so grateful to you for your very special effort, care, and wonderful, wonderful note.  Athena's just been so sad for over a week, because of the dog eating episode, but you made her giggle with joy.  Her mother said that she is now very, very protective of her four kittens, won't let the dog near them, and locks them in her bedroom when she goes away.  We will certainly visit your websites for future purchases and recommend you to our friends.  Thank you so much.

Hi Deb,
Oh, what a wonderful gift my dear friend and colleague received.  She absolutely loved the Lil Phantom Owl.  My friend in the same office said that my friend cried when she opened the box.  It really reminds her of her dad.  It was simply perfect.  Actually, she said to me she was looking for a sign from her father that day and lo and behold the owl came in the mail a few hours later.  I told her you are never too old for a stuffed animal! 
Thank you for your help and your kindness.  You and your company went the extra mile and I greatly appreciate it.  You have a very satisfied customer and I will be returning to your site for future purchases.  You have items I've never seen before....and I've traveled all over the world!

Hi Deb!
Thanks for following up with me!  My sister, Sabrina, did receive the order just fine.  The cat was a Christmas gift for my mom, who lost her cat last year.  My mother is a piano teacher, and many of her students who come to the house have allergies to cats, so she cannot get another one.  Therefore, the cat I bought from you is PERFECT!!  All of her piano students absolutely love it and she receives compliments on it daily!  The kitty is currently sleeping on the living room sofa (not that the real cats or myself was even allowed to sit there!) and most people think it's a real animal.
The gift put such a smile on my mom's face, and I'm so grateful!  Thanks for all your help with the order and availability, I'll certainly purchase from you again!
Stay warm!

I just wanted to get back to you about the small stuffed Jackalope that I purchased from your company a couple months back.  We had spoken on the phone, you were extremely helpful with my selection - going so far as to going to another room and even measuring the stuffed Jackalope for me.  I received the package in a couple days and it was "fantastic!"  I almost didn't give it to my friend it was soooo cute.  When I did give it to him, he opened the box and his knees buckled because he was laughing so much...he told me the other day that he takes it with him in his car, it's his co-pilot.  Thanks so much - this cute little furry gift has turned out to be an ongoing traveling "Jackalope" inside joke with a group of friends.

Hi Deb,
I got the moose head today!  It only took one day to get here.  I am using it to decorate our tennis club house to look like a fraternity house for the Men's Member/Guest Tournament.  The moose head looks great, better than I expected.  I love the goatee.  I know the men will really enjoy seeing it on the wall when they walk in.
Thanks for your help.
P.S.  I will try to remember to e-mail you a photo after the event.

Hi Deb,
I did receive the order in perfect timing, and it was a big hit.  I purchased the bunny rabbit to use as a prop in the kids Easter pictures (which turned out so precious), but my 3 year old son now treats it as if it's real.  He loves his bunny.  I love it too since it involves no clean-up!  I could not find a local store that carries anything like this, I will definitely be ordering more items in the near future.
Thanks!  Elise

The sleeping cat arrived on Monday!  Thanks for making that happen!  Therefore, my daughter (visiting from out of state) could take it to her 94 year old Grandma and put it on the tray on her wheelchair (the tray is kept on her chair b/c she wants to get up, and was falling).  My daughter helped her get used to petting it for about an hour...and it appeared that she liked it.
On Tuesday, my sister-in-law and her husband took Bea to a lounge near her husband's apt. in the same bldg (he still has their two "real" cats in his room), and they brought the cats, one at a time, to the lounge so Bea could hold them on her lap and pet them.
When they took Bea back to her room in the health center area, the "new" cat was placed on her tray and Bea proceeded to pet it!  Soooo...if the staff will cooperate when family isn't around and place the cat on Bea's tray for her, it looks like it'll be successful.
I plan to find a collar and put Bea's name on the tag part, so if the cat "wanders" away, all will know who it belongs to.
So glad I found your web site.... it sounds as if you enjoy what you do, plus you can run your business from your house.  That's great.
My best to you.....Diane

The rats we ordered are the stars in our food plate.  One of the programs we offer at the Tennessee Aquarium is called "Chef Aqua" and involves a staff person dressed as a chef pushing a food cart out into the galleries.  It has assorted items on it (not the real thing....) that we feed to Aquarium critters.  The rats usually evoke more of a response than the earthworms.  (We have large reptiles at the Aquarium; hence our need for rats.)
Thank you
George Bartnik
Education Programs Manager
Tennessee Aquarium

Jerret arrived today here at his new Ontario home.  When our 11 yr old daughter expressed to us that a "toy ferret" was one of only 2 Christmas requests, we scoured our hometown and then the internet looking for just such a gift!?  Wildlifetreasures was easily the best buy for what we were after.  Thanks for helping to bring a smile to a young girl's face this Christmas with Jerret the Ferret; we're sure she's going to love it.  Thanks again for the great, fast, personalized service.
Happy Holidays,
Mike & Denise

Jerret was the hit of Christmas morning for Hannah!  (He's no longer Jerret, but rather he's Charlie as a result of my mom telling Hannah about a pet ferret she had as a child and his name was Charlie).
Best Wishes,
Mike & Denise

Dear Deb:
The mail carrier left a notice in my box on Monday that I had a box, which I picked up yesterday, and it was yours!  Everything is wonderful.  Had to hide Fritz the Schnauzer until I find a place for him that Schatzi (my own white Schnauzer) can't get to him.  She LOVES him and wants him for herself.  I had him on a table and she managed to get him off, was headed to her toy box with him.  Put him on the breakfast table, she got in on of the chairs and again got him and headed to their toy box.  Think I'm going to put him on the mantle, if I can be sure he won't topple!   Again, this morning, while I was fixing breakfast, Schatzi was sitting by the breakfast table with those black eyes just fixed on Fritz....hoping he would take a topple and she would grab him....she is really in love with him!  I want some other things, but am having a terrible time deciding on the roosters.  Actually, I want a rooster and a hen, so you will be hearing from me again soon.

Hi Debbie!
The bald eagle arrived in perfect condition and she's beautiful!  She's stunning!  I bought the eagle for my boyfriend who is half Cherokee and as you probably know, the eagle has a special meaning for Indians.  She has a place of honor here in our living room where we both can enjoy her.  You did some mighty fine work on her and I truly appreciate the time and care you put into creating her.
I am very grateful that I stumbled upon your store!  I will flag it as one of my favorites.  You can expect to see me back there looking for another of your "wildlife treasures".
Best Regards, Marti

Garrett received the Moose head for his birthday.  It went over very well.  Thanks for your help in getting it out so fast.  I would recommend your company to anyone.
Best regards,

Hi Ms Kowal,
Thought I would let you know the package arrived yesterday and he looks just gorgeous!!  It's a Christmas present for a doctor I work for at the hospital in Montreal and he collects anything "zebra" and I found your site quite interesting and will be giving him your note so that he can peruse it if he so wishes.  I've seen his collection expand and I know for sure he does not have one with "fur"....Thanks again.  I look forward to doing business with you in the future....

Hey Deb,
Just wanted to let you know I got the Panda Bear.  It was beautiful, I started to keep it for myself but I ordered it as a gift for a newborn, thought it would look good in the baby's room.  The person I gave it to thought it was real nice.  The Golden Retriever went to Raleigh where it lies in a nice place to take the place of a fine dog named "Toby".  The couple loves it!  The next time I order, it will be to put in my home!  You have some really nice gifts as the animal lover that I am.
Thanks again!  Karen 

Dear Deb,
Yes we did receive our moosehead.  It was exactly what we were looking for!  Our son loves the hotel "Disney's Wilderness Lodge".  So much so, he wanted his room decorated to look and feel like the lodge he loves so much.  The moosehead fits right in and was the perfect touch!  Thanks for a great product!

Dear Deb,
Hi my name is Tanyr and my mom is Karen.  She bought me the Pegasus Horse for Christmas one year and I talked her into letting me buy with my allowance the baby chicken and duckling.  When I first saw them I fell in love with them.  I am such an animal lover and am amazed how you can capture the beauty of animals.  I named the duckling Magic and the chic Miracle.  Oh, and the pegasus is named Featherdance.  Thank you so much, hope you have a nice day.

Yes, thank you I received the order and my grandson loved it!  I was very happy with the quality of the plush also.  My grandson has quite a collection of stuffed dogs and treats them all as if they were real.  With collars and dogbed.  He named the puppy "Moss" because he wanted it to be a hunting name.  He is 4 yrs old.  His family has a real-life hunting dog that is a German Shorthair, that is what made the stuffed puppy so special.  He looks just like Trooper, which made my grandson soooo happy.  He was the perfect gift!  Of all the gifts he got, even the big ones, Moss was his favorite.  I am so glad I was able to find him.
Thanks Again, Shelly

Thank you for your e-mail.  I just received an email from my grandma that she received the owl, and she just loved it.  I just wanted to tell you thank you one more time.  Keep my email address and let me know of the new things that you have.
 I will also be checking out your site more frequently,
and I will let my friends know about it as well. 
May you and yours have a wonderful holiday!

I received my order sooner than expected (WOW!)
The kittens are adorable and extremely high quality.  I have one on my desk at work and it's amazing how many co-workers stop by to pet it or ask about it.  I namd this one "precious".
I have not hesitated to give your website to my friend and co-workers.
Thank you.

Absolutely!  Please keep my Email address. I would love to be kept up to date on your products.  You have been a delight to work with.  It's rare to find people that really care about their customers these days.
I'll try to get everyone together around the tree and send you a picture.
Happy Holidays (early),

Dear Deb,
I cannot thank you enough for your wonderful web site and your products.  The black (and some white) kitty and the mallard duckling arrived this afternoon (6/04) and they surpassed my expectations.  The web pictures are great, but seeing and touching the cat defies belief.  My dog saw the black cat and immediately wanted to inspect it.  I have 2 cats that he adores and constantly plays with.  I guess he figured another cat had joined the family.  My aunt's birthday is tomorrow and I suspect this kitty will be the highlight of her 99th birthday.  The mallard duckling is for my niece, who adores baby ducklings and wanted to catch one at our local park.  I think this is a wiser alternative.  I am astounded at how realistic it is.  I cannot thank you enough for all your attention and hard work on my behalf.  It is so nice to have my faith restored that there are truly caring and honest individuals who sell products via the internet.  Please keep me on your mailing list forever.  Many, many thanks......Helen
Update from Helen
Dear Deb, I have a picture of my aunt as she opened her gift.  I will send it to you.  She absolutely loved the cat and sat for minutes just petting and talking to it.  I had an extra cat collar that has a bell on it, so I put it on the cat and told her that way she'll be able to tell where her cat it, so it won't run out the door!  My neice absolutely adored the mallard duckling and already has decided to take it to college when she returns in the fall.  She is studying to become a Spanish teacher, so she aptly names it the Spanish word for little duck, (which I have already forgotten!).  Thank you again for having such a wonderful business, with such personalized service.  Have a nice summer.....Helen

Dear Deb:
Yes I received the owl some time ago.  Bought it to scare birds away from my apple tree.  Never have had a crop till now.  The tree is still full of apples and the birds won't come near that owl and the six foot rubber snake I put in the tree.  Hope to use it for years for the same purpose.  Store it away when I harvest the fruit. 
Another anecdote.....I was watching out the window one morning and two mockingbirds dove on the tree from some forty feet or so.  When they spotted the "critter" in the branches, they did a violent flutter of wings and turned 180 degrees and zipped away!

Thanks for checking up on my order.  Yes I received the order, it was in great condition and I received it even sooner than I had expected.  My little son was thrilled with the kittens.  We had purchased a kitten just like these for him at a "Cats" musical we went to and he was heartbroken when his cousin brought his puppy to our house and it chewed up his kitten leaving fur all over the floor.  I really didn't think I would be able to find one just like it when I went on the internet - but there was your website!  So thanks.  By the way, my daughter wants one of everything you sell!!

YES!!  I received my order.  The fellow at work absolutely LOVED the sweatshirt.  He went around telling everyone about it and showing it off.  It arrived in plenty of time as well.  Thank you for making his gift extra special.  I still haven't stopped hearing about how much Jerry and even his wife loved the sweatshirt.  Guess I picked just the right gift for the occasion.
Merry Christmas to you and may you have a prosperous New Year. 
Thanks Again!!! Linda

Hi Deb, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
I'm sorry I didn't reply to your first e-mail I received, as it's been very hectic in my business.  In any event I did receive the order and everything was fine and I received it well before Christmas. 
My wife opened it on Christmas and was very, very pleased.  She cried when she opened the package and saw the dog.
We had to put our dog to sleep after 16 years just before Thanksgiving and the furry dog I ordered, looks almost exactly like our schnauzer.
It is a nice memory of our dog.  I'm glad I found your web site.

Hi Deb
I hope this e-mail gets to you ok, but OMG and am I happy, this little dog is so much more than I expected, she is beautiful, and even my little Maltese think she is read, thank you so very much, I cannot believe it, perfect size and perfect  look alike.  I never thought she would look this real, I am making clothes for small dogs and now she will be my perfect model as she will sit still.  And by the way, my Poodle thought she was real, because she was sniffing her, but I will not tell you where she was sniffing, but a typical dumb French dog, bless her.
 Thank you and I will be back, plus I am going to send photos to all my friends on the Maltese Rescue group web site, so expect more orders.
Warmest regards from one very happy lady.

Dear Deb Kowal,
I did receive the cat order.  I gave it to my niece who just loved it for Christmas.
 I was very impressed that the cat looked so real.  It was my niece's favorite Christmas present.  I appreciate you e-mailing me to ask for my feedback and take the time to do this.  It's nice to know that there's still some companies out there that care if their customers received their orders and if they're happy with the merchandise they received.  Your Wildlife Treasures is an impressive company
 and I would recommend it to anyone. 
Thanks Again!

Hi Debbie,
Just wanted you to know that my granddaughter just loves her kitty - the other day I went over to their house and walked into the room and I had to stop because I thought she was real that kitty.
You made my Granddaughter a happy girl.

I received my little furry kitten today!  It is soo cute, he is just gonna love it!  By all means please keep me updated on anything new that comes up, or any changes in the future!  You have been so great to deal with both the two times that I have placed orders.  Keep up the good work!
Merry Christmas!  God bless!

Dear Deb,
I received my wonderful Airedales this afternoon and, I am a happy girl! The PERFECT gift.  I know we will enjoy them for many years.  Thanks for your help and our speedy service, you haven't seen the last of me.  I've already forwarded your web site to several men friends for their wives...Having been in retail for thirty some odd years, I know you are exhausted, you will make it, only 10 to go!  Have a Merry Christmas Deb and thanks again.  Dee

I'm so happy I found your website.  This past summer, I bought my 7-year-old daughter a furry kitty in Key West.  She loved it so much she couldn't wait to get another.  Not planning to go back to Key West on vacation anytime soon, I ordered a little white kitty off your site for my daughter for Hanukkah.  She knew I had ordered it and couldn't wait to open her gift (a day early, I couldn't bear to keep it from her any longer!)  Now she can't wait until her birthday so she can get more kitties.  Good thing her birthday is next month!!

 Hey Deb,
Yes we received it and we are VERY happy with it.  It is going to be shipped
 to AZ today.  This will be the first sweatshirt my brother in law has ever
had that will NOT be too small!!!  Beautiful design and excellent customer care!!!  The sweatshirt is AWESOME!

I got my order yesterday.  Got home late last night so I haven't opened it up.  Thank you so much for all your help with my Christmas shopping this year.
We gave our Boss his sweatshirt yesterday and he loved it.  He wanted to change out of his dress shirt and into the sweatshirt right then.
Have a Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year!

Just wanted you to know that I am allergic to live animals!  I love them all and have had many-many over the years!  My daughter found your web-site and got a kitty for herself.  I visited her home and she invited me in to see her new "kitty"!  It was laying on her LR couch-wrapped up - asleep!  I whispered and asked if I could "pet" it!  She was smiling all the time and nodded yes-that I could!  I very gently petted it for quite some time, and finally she smiled and said it was not real!  Well, I fell in love with it - an told her I wanted one!  She was to give me the info to order from you, but instead surprised me with a kitty of m own!  It is the white one with the dark ears, nose and mouth!  It lays on one of the lounge chairs-with it's little eyes squenched closed and I keep hoping she'll wake up!  She even gets a "pat" every now and then!  I love it and thank you for taking care of we who cannot enjoy the "real thing".  It really fills a void in my life!  I'll probably be in touch for further "kitties"!


Hello Deb,
Yes, I did receive the kitties just fine!  Sorry I didn't respond more quickly. 
Our daughter is very happy with her new cat family.  After visiting Grandma
 and Grandpa this summer for vacation, we realized that their new golden
retriever had eaten on of our daughter's rabbit covered cats.  We called just about every store in town trying to find a replacement for her dog-eaten kitty but with
 no luck.  So our 6 year old suggested, "Mom, why don't you use Yahoo!" 
After searching several other sites, we came to yours and found a match.  Somehow, along the way, one kitty grew into two kitties, but I guess that is ok because it was my idea for her to take a kitty to N.Y. in the first place!! 
Anyway, we now have a very happy 6 year old:)

I just wanted to let you know that I received your email and I wanted you to know that I received my order just fine.  I just wanted to thank you, you made my seven year old son's Easter.  In 2000 my family drove to Florida and we found a fur rabbit similar to the ones you make in a little gift shop in Kentucky.  He fell in love with it.  Then a couple years ago my brother's dog thought it was real and chewed it to pieces.  My son was beside himself with grief and has been lamenting the loss for these past couple years.  I never thought I would ever find another one like it.  When I found your website I was so excited.  Thank you so much.  He absolutely loves his new rabbit and takes it to bed every night.  Again, I can't thank you enough, and neither can Everett. 
Thank you, LuAnn

I recently ordered two moose statues, one with goat fur and one with rabbit fur - I just wanted to tell you how very, very much I love my two new statues - they are on my mantle in my computer room and look so handsome - I have bookmarked your site and will on occasion glance at it to see if you have put any new items on it - I collect moose things and have a home and office full of them.
Thanks again, Natalie

Dear Deb,
Wow, that was quick.  It only took 3 days for Mr. Moose to arrive, and he is just adorable!  We can't wait to put him above our fireplace in our Cabin.  We'll transfer him there around the 20th, and when we get around to taking a picture, I'll send you one.  Thank you for your very prompt service.  I enjoyed speaking with you and getting your opinion about the product we were ordering. 
The Moose is everything we expected! 
Thank you. Flo

Yes I received my moose shirt-sorry I haven't let you know- just have been really busy at work-it's that time of the year when peeps are on vacation so this cook
 has been working' long hard hours in a hot kitchen-haven't had the chance to
wear it for it's not long sleeve weather yet-but as soon as I can I will and know
I will get alot of positive comments on it-I know every time my husband wears
his shirt to work some make comments on how much they like the shirt-it's really beautiful-maybe someday you can do the moose on those buttoned
sweatshirts-those would be really kewl-
Thanks again it is beautiful,

Dear Deb,
Thank you for being so concerned.  I did receive my order and loved it.  I gave it to my boyfriend's dad as a birthday gift and he also loved it.  Your service along with your nice products will definitely make me shop with you in the future.

 Hello Deb,
Yep, we got it today, john loves it.  He says he'll send you some photos
of him using it as his prop.
Thanks a bunch, you're great to do business with!

Dear Deb,
Thank you for checking up on my order.  I just got a response from my customer and she is really happy about your products!  She thinks your products' detail is
just amazing.  If my customer decides to place another order,
I will certainly let you know.
Thank you very much!

Yes, I received the order and since it arrived the day after my daughter's birthday,
I saved it for the Easter bunny.  It was adorable in her basket and I know
she liked it better than any of the candy!
Thanks so much. 

Yes, my Grandmother received the Buffalo and she was very happy with it.  She told me it was very beautiful and just the right size.  I thank you for your help and a very great product.  Your at the top of my list for any other purchases.
Thanks again,

Yes, I did receive my order just fine.  Thank you so much, the pigeons are SO realistic looking!  They are exactly what I wanted.
Thanks again, Jenn

I just want you to know that we did receive the owl and are totally pleased with it.  He looks great up on the rafter!!  He was a big hit at the party and the party was quite a success!!  I am just now getting home from it!! 
Thanks and I hope you have a great weekend... just wanted to let you know he arrived safely!... and timely!!

Dear Deb,
First, I want to thank you for mailing the bunny and duck so quickly!  It was such a pleasure to do business with you, you were very helpful over the phone, and I so appreciate your follow through!  Baby's portrait was taken yesterday.  Wish you could have been there!  The portrait is exactly what I wanted!  Again, thank you for helping me make a dream come true!  The duck is very cute, but it is on it's way home--the bright bright bill would have stolen attention away from the
"entirely white portrait", so ---bunny won! :-)
I plan to have the same all white portrait made when (future) grand-babies
turn one-years-old!
Thank you!  Thank you!
Sincerely, Wendy :-))

Hello!  I just wanted to reply to your inquiry about the order I placed with you.  I received the White Squirrel I had ordered about a week ago and I was really pleased with the quality of your product.  Everyone who sees this little squirrel wants one, and I tell them where I found it at your website.  Thank You again for the very high quality product and excellent service I've received from you, I most definitely will be making future purchases! - THANKS!!  Maria

Hello Deb,
Thank you, yes I did receive my order and in a timely manner too.  I will patronize your establishment again when I plan on doing more wildlife projects.  I wanted to let you know that the rabbits are real cute and will work perfectly with what I want to do.  I am making a doll sitting on a throne and sitting out in amongst the lush growth and I am using the rabbit in the foreground of this little scene I am trying to portray.  This doll is a Queen and represents fertility, the rabbit of course <smile> and all the lush growth around her.  When I am done I'd like to send a picture of her if you'd like.  Also I wanted you to know that your website was the only one with the perfect rabbit for what and how I wanted her to be presented.  Thanks again and I hope the best for you.  Bright blessings, Debbie

Hello, Wild Life Treasures -
My reindeer has come and I am DELIGHTED with it.  He will be "pulling a wagon" for Santa at Christmas time and meantime, with some woodsy elves, be in the forest.  I am so pleased. 
Thank you.  Nancy

I received the order.  My daughter is going to love her new wolf and retriever.  Your craftsmanship is fantastic.  I haven't seen a product that comes close to what you are doing.  Keep it up.  There will be more orders in the future....I'm sure.

Hi Deb,
I'm sorry I didn't get back to you sooner.  Yes, I did receive the cat and he is very cute and unbelievably lifelike.  I brought him to work and everyone literally did double takes when they saw him.  It's amazing.  One person even thought I stuffed a real cat.  I named him Valentino as he was a gift to me for Valentine's day and he looks great on my Victorian bench I bought him for.  Thanks again and you may be hearing from me in the near future for another purchase.  Please keep me updated on any specials or new items.

Dear Deb,
Yes!  Rebecca opened her pigeon on Tuesday 1/25 for her 6th birthday.  She sings Doing the Pigeon and reads "Don't let the Pigeon Drive the Bus" to it.  It even has its own bed next to hers as I'm afraid she may accidentally crush it in her sleep.
Thanks again. Judy

I got the Bobcat, and created a "habitat" for it.  We took it to school this am.  I think it looks great!  My daughter is very pleased, and the other kids were very impressed.  Thanks for all you help.   You will have glowing feedback and much appreciation.

Just wanted you to know that I've received 'em!!!  And they're FANTASTIC!!!  I can't hardly wait until time to give 'em!!!  I'm so thrilled with each and every one of them.  Of course, you know I love the moose...and they will fill up my mantel!!!  It's o.k. thought, they'll look great against my stone wall.  I'll be sure and let you know about the reactions from everyone else...Again, thanks so much for your help...I'm sure I'll be talking to ya again in the future!!!
Best Wishes,

Yea, and they are really cute.  Thanks I am still looking at all the others too wow, they are nice. Paula

Hi Deb!  Sorry, I should have let you know....yes I received the order.  The chicken and turkey are spectacular!  I already had a buffalo and a moose (I'm a moose freak) and they are just great!  I just love them.  I hope to order more in the near future.  I want the larger moose and a few other ones.  Thanks so much for checking, you have the greatest stuff!  I'll definitely be back.  Have a great week,


We received it Sat.  We had our family Christmas last nite.  It was a gift for our little 4 yr. old granddaughter and she just loved it.  It is adorable!!!  Jerry (grandpa) is Animal Control in our town and county and she wants to be just like him.  She has a little dog kennel she put this one in.  She will treat it as her pet, as they do not have any.  Thanks again and Merry Christmas!!!  Kathy

Hi Deb,
The T-Shirts worked out great.  The sizes were perfect!  The guys loved them.  I want to get the T-shirt with the Northern on it when it becomes available. 
I will check back with you in the summer.  You were very helpful and
you have great looking shirts.
Thanks again, Karen

 Thank you so much for shipping the Moose that I ordered for Trish!   She received them yesterday and absolutely loves them!!  She told me I need to get a set for myself!!  I will, eventually.
Thanks again,

It did arrive in time.  Thank you so much!  The horse is beautiful.  My daughter just adores here horse and carries it around the house with her.  I am looking at decorating her room with Pegasus horses and will be buying again soon.  I will promote your web to my horse loving friends.
Thank you again and have a nice day.

Yes I received it OK.  My girlfriend loves it.  It resembles our Beagle puppy so much, she took it to her office so she wouldn't miss her puppy so much during the day.  Thanks for the follow up, most companies are so Corporate these days and doesn't really care about the customer after the sale.  Gary

Dear Deb,
Just to let you know that we received our order last Tuesday 7th Dec, as quick as usual.  It's just lovely, my Mum likes it a lot so may not have it for long!  I hope you and your family have a lovely Christmas @ wish you all the best for 2005.
Kind Regards, Janette.

They're brilliant!  Many thanks for taking such care w/ them.
Best, David

I received the furry skunk and it's exactly what I wanted.  You may find the reason for my order interesting.  My Dad will be 100 in March 2005.  He's still very active and living in his own home.  Last summer a Momma skunk had babies under a shed outside his bedroom window and he enjoyed watching them.  We're giving him this furry skunk for Christmas as a momento of the fun he had last summer.

 Update from Jo:
Yes, we received the skunk.  We went to my Dad's on Sunday & he was delighted with his gift.  He has a little dog that visits each day & he played with the dog & the skunk.  Thank you.  Jo

Hi Deb:  I just wanted to let you know that the tan pheasant sweatshirt looks awesome.  I really was impressed with the unique and beautiful artwork.  Certainly a step above anything I've been able to find elsewhere on-line or in a store.  Thanks so much!  If you have an email list that you send out please include my email on it. 
Thanks again.  :) Carol

Yes, the Pomeranian  looks so real.  My pom actually thought he was a dog.  I had to put it high up to stay out of his reach.  Thanks again,

Yes, I did receive my order in plenty of time to give it to my sister.  She absolutely loved it. It will make a wonderful addition to her beautiful collection. I'm sure I'll be back again. Thank you for the wonderful service and product. Your service was by far one of the best experiences I've had in purchasing over the internet and the product I received was well worth the money I paid. I would highly recommend your website to anyone. Have a great New Year.
 Sincerely, Kathryn

Mr. Moose arrived yesterday in perfect condition.  Thanks so much.  I will leave a very positive feedback.  I will buy again, so watch for me!  Have a great day.

Dear Deb,
Thank you for your email.  Yes, I received the pheasant sweatshirt in time for Christmas and my husband loved it!  It is beautiful...so unique!  We raise pheasants, so we are always looking for something different!  I will save your website for future purchases!  Thanks again!

Hi Deb,
Yes, I did receive it before Xmas.  My father-in-law loes his tshirt.  He said it was a beautiful print on the shirt.  Thank you!!
Have a happy & healthy New Year.

Dear Deb:
Yes, I did receive my kitten in time.  My mother, who is also allergic to cats, was thrilled to have her own sleeping feline.  Thanks for making such a fun and cute available!  Trish

They arrived on Friday before X-mas... which worked out fine.  House number wasn't right... but UPS found us by Friday.  The raccoons were great for Kim who helped me get a mother and her 2 babies out of my attic... and the rabbit (jackalope) was a gag gift for my wife... as years ago, we had a similarly colored miniature bunny... who liked to run at full speed to head butt her ankles... didn't do that to anyone but her!  So, the rabbit with antlers was the "real" bunny
we had (or his vision of himself!).
Thanks! Bob

It's perfect and he loves it - and it got here in time for his birthday.
Thank you!! Rose

Thanks so much, Deb!  The testimonials were true - you give superb personal customer service!  I really appreciate it - in this day and age of computer orders and phone loops, service like yours really is a rarity!
Happy Holiday!

Thank you so much for your help.  The black and white kitten is in the loving hands of my 6 year old Grace.  She adores her and has named her "lightening".
Happy new year,

My kitten came the day before Christmas and it was a huge success.  My Mother is absolutely crazy about the Kitten.  She named it Sam and pets it all the time!!  Thanks so much. Your product is very high quality.

 Dear Deb,
The gift of a wolf I purchased for my friend/colleague for her Christmas/Birthday present was opened today.  We were so impressed by the beauty of it I have purchased another this evening.  Congratulations on supplying such a magnificent product.  I shall be visiting your web site on a regular basis to see any other delightful products you have for sale.
Kind regards, Angela

Yes I did.  Thank you for asking.  It's absolutely beautiful.  It's a gift for my future daughter-in-law.  She's been looking all over for one but could never find a Pegasus of quality (all baby types available but no nice ones).
I'm very pleased that I found your site.
Happy Holidays.  Marie

The initial Black Cocker Spaniel is for me.  I've been searching high and low for a black cocker spaniel and when I saw the one on your web site I thought I'd order it.  It looked real, but sometimes you never know.  I was shocked when I opened the box and saw how life-like it actually is.  As a matter of fact, my real-life black cocker jumped up completely off the floor and tried to grab it out of my hands......thinking it was a toy for her!
My two youngest nieces (sisters) have a small black dog (not a cocker spaniel though) too and the older of the two girls says that her wish list for either her upcoming birthday or Christmas is for me to give her a black cocker spaniel.  I've already told her "Not On Your Life."  We've had about five cocker spaniels over the years (buff and multi-colored), but never a black one.  None of them either can match the temperament of this one.  Maggie is a gem...everyone has fallen in love with her!  So, getting back to my story, the two black cockers that I just ordered will be given to my nieces for Christmas.  I put mine back into the box and will have to keep it there until after Christmas.  I don't want to take the chance of either one of them seeing it when they come to visit.
My oldest niece laughs at me (and shakes her head) when I find something that I really, really like....it just excites me to no end.  Now the question is.....can I keep this a surprise until Christmas?  Keep you fingers crossed!
Again, thanks soooooooo much!  I am completely ecstatic about finding your web site...and of course the black cocker spaniel! 
Have a GREAT Day!!!!!!!  Rest assured, YOU have made mine!

The realistic wildlife they offer are FANTASTIC....I have never found a better site!  They are absolutely true-to-life and, with their fur and feathers, are a joy to hold.  I am giving my grandsons a wolf and an eagle this Christmas, and I can't wait to see their faces.  There are very few sites which offer these types of pieces, and none which have the quality.  They far surpass any others, and I hope that they continue to offer these treasures for many many years.

We love the black lab.  No barking, taking out to answer nature's call, no fleas, no complaints at all.  He's great.  Thanx. the H's

Yes, I received my order--Already wrapped up and ready for Christmas giving!  I love these animals & have gotten some from you on Ebay also.  Ok to leave me on you EMail list.   Thanks, Sandy

Yes, the pigeon arrived safe and sound and I'm thrilled -- and so will my daughter who adores pigeons.  Susan

Dear Wildlifetreasures.com,
My niece Sarah received her gift and it was exactly what she wanted!  I am so happy I found your website.
Thank you!  Toby

Deb, Yes we got the T-Shirt OK.  It is Beautiful and Gary loves it!!  In the future, we WILL be ordering more items from you!!
Thanks, Roger

Hi Deb -
Yes I did receive the Musky Shirt - thanks.  It's very nice, I intend to send it to my brother in law who hooked a Musky for the first time this year (he's still recovering)

Yes, Thank you.  We received the stuffed dog and he is now starring in our Halloween show as Paris Hilton's side kick.  He is perfect.
Thank You!  Nancy

Dear Deb,
Thank you so much for my order.  I received it in no time at all.  I was very glad to see him.  He is absolutely beautiful.  I ordered the Brittany Spaniel.  He looks so real and he is very soft to touch.  He actually resembles my beloved Jasper who I lost three weeks ago due to sickness.  It was and still is a very sad time of my life.  At least now I have this little one to look at.  Once again he is beautiful and so life like.  Keep in touch with any new Brittany products.
Thank You Again, Joan

Yes I did get my order and my boyfriend was very pleased with it.  Thank you for checking!  I will definitely be ordering with you again.

Got it in great time. Thanks for checking. Great Customer Service  from you and your company. Great Product and Outstanding Customer Service!  Dick

Our two year old daughter had been given on of these bunnies as a gift last May and after she dropped him in the toilet for a swim at a relatives house we began a desperate search for a new "Bobby Bunny".  We were thrilled to find your website.  Thank you so much.  She loves her "New Bobby Bunny". She carries him all day long and we take him everywhere we go. She says that Bobby is her best friend. Thanks again!  Cara Thank you for your great service. As usual, I was very pleased with the T-shirt.  Carol

Just received the package. Oh My God!!!!! they are just perfect. If I had not mentioned before, the bunnies are going to a little boy in one or our local orphanages. On his wish list for Christmas, he requested a "Life Like Stuffed Rabbit". It just makes my day when I can make a wish come true for a small child. Thank you for all your help. Best regards, Julie

Deb, Thank you, my mom is enjoying her chicken and named him Pierre. The quality and detail is lifelike.  I appreciate the follow up and look forward to my next order. Sincerely,  Jon

I never got a chance to thank you guys for the quality of your product.  My niece loves the dog!  As a matter or fact she hasn't put it down since she ripped it our of the box 2 weeks ago.  I'll definitely refer people to you guys in the future.
Thanks, Peter

My little dogs arrived yesterday and they are so adorable.  Thank you so much for your prompt mailing.  It was a real pleasure working with you.

Yes, I received it.  In fact, I wore it over the weekend and received numerous compliments and inquires as to where I got it.
Great Job!  -Lynn-

Dear Deb:
You have to know the story of the turkey that was sent to my brother. Robert lives at the base of Mt. Shasta in Northern California.  He has a 5-acre native California nursery.  Two years ago he acquired a big live Tom turkey for Thanksgiving that never made it to the dinner table.  Tom lived in the nursery and grew up to love people.  Children in the community used to come to the nursery just to see Tom.  Well, Tom had a heart attack a few months ago and died.  Everyone in the community was devastated. I found your web site when I was looking for some other animal.  When I saw the turkey and what it was made out of, I knew he would be a perfect permanent replacement for Tom.  Well, Tom II arrived and my brother was elated.  And he now sits in prominence in the sales office so everyone can see and admire him.  He has brightened up the lives of those who so loved his predecessor. Thank you, Mary

 Yes, I received the order. My wife was very pleased with her new shirt! Thank you, John

hi deb, yes they came in time for Xmas ,in fact they came the same day I received your e-mail that you had sent them! That was speedy service! must make good gifts I gave the dog to my sister and we found the kids in the other room tossing it around and adoring It I guess would call it. thanks again have a good year! michael

Everything was fabulous!!!! She loved the owls, they are in her glass case in Oregon.  Jennifer Happy New Year Deb!

Yes, I received the shirt, it looked great!  Thanks you!  Looking forward to getting a few Northern shirts!  Thanks again!  Ken

The shirts were a tremendous hit for Christmas. They arrived in more than enough time also, thank you. I would love to receive your e-mails. Gail

Dear Deb,
I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the tiger and the kitten.  These are so cute and we love cats so much.  You are such a sweet person and I plan on buying more of your items in the future.  My little girl will love this kitten for Christmas and I have to buy more kittens and tigers from you because they look so real and they are so cute.  I hope you have a Wonderful Day!
Thanks, Ginger

I received the furry animal in time for Christmas and it was a big hit!!! Thanks. Mary Lou

Deb, I just want to let you know how awesome the beagle dog was--I was extremely happy with the item and will definitely be ordering more--you do awesome work--I would not hesitate to recommend your company's products to anybody--I will be ordering more--Take care and I wish your company all the success in the coming years--Your work shows that you deserve it!!  Thanks so much again--and please do not hesitate to let people know that I am satisfied customer--100%.  Mary

Yes, and thank you! It is wrapped and waiting for Christmas. It is lovely! (thank you also for calling me and clarifying the size.) Personal touches like that make it so nice!

I did, the rabbit is SO CUTE, I can't wait to give it to my son!
Thanks so much --

Hi Deb........we got home really late yesterday...my daughter was here to sign for the UPS...it was a really nice surprise!!!  And luckily since it got there early, she was home!!!  I actually had a couple of hundred e-mails that I tackled today...some was business...some friends...some family...alot of spam!!!
 I LUV my new puppies!! I have my Brussels Griffon puppy with my Pekinese puppy and they look great together on the luvseat in my bedroom.  I also have 2 of my baby dolls who look real on the other side...soooo cute!!!
My new Yorkie looks younger than my other, and together they look soooo real!!  They are on the sofa in my small den, and the large doll sitting on one side of the sofas with an arm over each one!!
  Onto my large Schnauzer....I would say the fur is perfect...they body is perfect...the only thing is the nose...but for a large dog, he is VERY realistic!!  I have him in the dining room next to an oriental desk...he has been in one of the bedrooms...I keep moving him around!!
 I want to thank you for fast shipping.  I know down the road I will want one or two of the large Brussels Griffons.....and maybe a small Yorkie puppie...and another large dog...they are wonderful!!!
  Have a wonderful week...I have you in my phone book and in my favorites!!  Take care....Louise...

Dear Deb,
I received my order from you and want to thank you for being so fast with the order and know that anytime I need some more animals like that I will contact you,
Thank you very much.

Deb, Thanks so much for the Walleye Henley.  It was here in plenty of time and he loves it!!  THANKS again, Lori

Dear Deb,
Thank you for inquiring - yes, I did receive the rabbit I ordered in good condition. I am confident that I will be shopping www.wildlifetreasures.com in the future.
Have a wonderful holiday season!

Yes, I did get it...about 2 weeks ago!! It looks really nice!! I think he will really like it! The hunter that he is!! He just loved this past deer hunting season! It might be alittle big.....but he will grow into it! Thanks again for all your help and for checking on it!! Have a wonderful Holiday Season!!  Sue

Sorry I've been away from my computer a while. It was just what I hoped it would look like. My sister loved it. TJ

I received the animals today. The dog is wonderful beyond belief, but the cat is way bigger than I was led to expect from your website and will not work with what I had planned. I may be sending it back. Love the dog, though and will send a picture when that project is complete. Sue

Yes, my daughter, Abby ordered it and she is very pleased!
If you have any Christmas specials, let me know! I will probably
order something for her for Christmas..
Thanks for your follow up!

Yes, I did receive my order.  Thank you so much.  They will be great Christmas presents for my Dad and my Brother. 
Thanks, Tami

Hi, Yes, I received my order on Tuesday, July 1st. The kittens are beautiful as ever! This is my second order from you, and I know it won't be my last! Thanks again.   Robin

Thank you very much. It is good to see a real person as opposed to an automatically generated email. I love your website. I will probably be ordering for Christmas. Thank you again for your time and consideration  in returning my email so promptly. 

Thank you for checking...yes, the shirt arrived and it it just as I pictured it. And it fits perfectly. Thank you for your prompt service. Diane

Yes it is awesome - my brother loved it - he is crazy about moose and loves Henley shirts. I will bookmark your website and buy more in the future - we have a daughter crazy about wolves.

Thanks for checking on my order! My niece's received the dogs and are sleeping with them this evening! They love them! (Unfortunately, their Sheltie was killed by a motorcycle two weeks ago, thus is why  I got them the stuffed dogs). Thank you! Always a pleasure to support a Minnesota company!
Sincerely, Jolie

Yes my father received it and loves it!!!!!! He went to your web site right after getting it and plans on ordering more!!!!! Thanks a ton!!!

Hi Deb!
I received the sweatshirt and I think my father-in-law will love it!
Thanks for your help! Sherry

Yes, thank you. My thirteen year old used the chicken in her
4-H mini-booth competition at our county's fair last week. Her theme was "Spotting the Best Layers." She won a blue ribbon and also the big second place overall  prize. She was tickled!
Thank you again, Vickie

I received the horse today  it is absolutely gorgeous
Thanks, Anna

Yes, my order arrived and the Snowy White Owl is all wrapped and ready for my niece's birthday party on Saturday. It will match the owl cake I am having made for her..she will just love it! Thanks so much for checking and I will visit your web site soon :-)
Best regards, Amy

I want to thank again, she really liked the gift.
Thank you
, Fernando

Yes it is okay to keep me updated on Web page changes.  Particularly for Moose and Loon items.  Thank you for taking the time to make my order work out.
I appreciate the service, Laurie

Yes...I got them awhile ago and I love them!!
 And some of them made great gifts!!  :)
Thanks!  April

Hi, I am pleased to see that you contacted me. Yes they arrived Wed. I peeked and I love them. I am glad that you used the darker grey for the odd ball shirt. That way all the boys get the same one. Thank you, it has been a pleasure doing business with you. I will give a word of mouth.

Thank you for checking on my order. I did receive it and was very satisfied with the item that I bought.
Thanks again, Joan

Dear Deb
My order arrived on Friday 16th just a week after you posted it.  Was surprised it got here so quickly.  I am very pleased with it, looks very real and is bigger than I thought.  Thank you for all your trouble and E Mails hope to deal with you again in the future.
Sincerely, Janette
Thank you for including me on your Testimonials page, I am sorry it has taken me so long to reply.  We continue to get great pleasure out of our cat whom we called Ely!  He always looks great and everyone think's he is real.  Just have to have another!  If you could send a dark black one, the color in the photo, that would be great.  If not in stock at the moment, I don't mind waiting.
Thank's once again Deb,
Kind regards,

Hi Deb,
I just wanted to let you know that I did receive the unicorn in plenty of time for Christmas.  Thank you so much!  My daughter loves it and we had fun looking through the catalog.  She is already saving up for some other animals she wants.  She is taking the unicorn to school for show and tell.  It was great doing business with you and I will definately be a repeat customer.  Leslie

Dear Deb,
Thank you for checking back.  I did receive my dog in time.  It was for my Uncle whom had just lost his wife a month prior to Christmas and he needed a friend.  He was thrilled with it.  Thinking about getting the larger one next time.
Thank you again. Lisa

We did get our rabbit.  It's gorgeous!  Can't wait to use it in the portrait studio. Thanks, Steve

I wanted to email you and say thanks.  He arrived today..I LOVE HIM soo much.  I may have to buy another one in a while.  He scared my mom. lol. that was fun.  Close enough to owning one for me.  So soft, great quality work done.  Thank you, hope you both have a great week.  Amy

The kitty arrived.  She is so precious!!  Thank you for all your help.
Have a great week. Deb

Dear Deb,
It was nice talking to you.  My new son-in-law loved his turkey fury animal and t-shirt.  You can keep me on your e-mail list - that would be great.  I gave my son-in-law your booklet.  He's got brothers that love to deer hunt and turkey hunt.  Maybe they will order something too.  If you could send me another booklet - I have brothers that deer hunt also.  Thanks, Pam

Dear Deb,
Thank you for printing the musky shirts.  My husband loved it and wore it on Father's Day.  He received some compliments from strangers asking where he got it, so we passed your web address along.  I'm sure I'll be ordering something for Christmas. I appreciate your thoughtfulness and quality.
Thanks again!

I just wanted to let you know that my hubby loved the shirt.  You also have great personal service too.  Not many places would keep track of what customers want.
Thank you, Beth

Thank you,  I received the Brittany and it is beautiful.  Katie loves it! Just like Scooter, my Brittany.  Thanks again, Patty

Yes, I received the shirt.  I LOVE it.  It's a gift for a dear friend, who has lost a lot of weight.  I think a large will be fine, but I may be returning it for an extra large if he is more comfortable.  I didn't check to see how much it would shrink.  The product is great quality, exactly as promised, and it arrived very very quickly.
Thank you.  Terri

Thank you for checking in.  The dogs are awesome and everyone loves them.  The play is this weekend and the kids are so excited.  Kim

Dear Deb
The Loon shirt is beautiful, it is a gift.  I'll be ordering more from time to time.
Thank you, Dave

I received the raccoon and it has found its new home in England in my aunts home.  Since she is quite fond of raccoons I most probably will be relocating some more of your coons soon.  Thanks for asking and I will be in touch soon.
Sincerely, Fern

My mother in law did receive both buffalos and loved them.
Thank you, Angela

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