Wildlife and hunting shirts.  Also furry animal figurine gifts for christmas.

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Wildlife art screen printed shirts and handmade furry animal gifts.
Handcrafted furry animals made with real fur and feathers.
Stuffed soft plush furry dogs, cats and horses.
Fake or synthetic furry cats, dogs and animals.
Deer hunting shirts available in:  Tshirts, Sweatshirts, Henleys and more!
Bird shirts available in: Eagles, Loon, Ducks, Pheasant and Turkey!
Fishing shirts available in:  Muskies, Walleyes, Northerns and more!
Animal wildlife shirts available in: Bear, Moose, Wolves, and Elk!
Click here to see Embroidered Wildlife Hats
Order wildlife lover gifts, figurines, and gifts for hunters online now!
T shirts, sweatshirts, henleys available with Free Shipping.
Frequently Asked Questions-find your answers here!
Check out these cool links: Hunting, Minnesota & other Links.
Check out these cool links: Hunting, Minnesota & other Links.
Check out these pictures from Happy customers!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my online order secure?

Yes!  Our Shopping Cart is a Secure Site, which means that all of the information that passes between your computer and our site is encrypted.  Our Shopping Cart is Norton Secured powered by VeriSign SSL.  This website can secure your private information using a SSL Certificate.  Information exchanged with any address beginning with https is encrypted using SSL before transmission.

Is my personal information kept Private?

Yes!  Your personal information is stored in a secured, inaccessible manner.  We do not tolerate spam and will never sell, rent, or lease your private information to any other third party.  If at any time, you would like to be removed from our data base, just email us with the words REMOVE in the subject line of your email.

Do you ship to Canada or Overseas?

YES, we ship Overseas and to Canada.

Shipping & Handling Costs:
Canada is $12.95
Overseas is $19.95

This does not apply to oversized or overweight packages.
You will see these shipping options in the shopping cart where you see
Free Shipping in the USA.

 How can I make my payment if I am from Canada?

Canada Payment Options:
Master Card/VISA
Check/Money Order
Please include $12.95 for shipping & handling.
This does not include oversized or overweight packages.
Please email or call us @ 218-365-7799 with any questions,
we are on the Central Standard Time Zone.
All PayPal payments should be sent to this email address:

 How can I make my payment if I am from Overseas?

Overseas Payment Options:
US Money Order
Please include $19.95 for shipping and handling. 
This does not include oversized or overweight packages.
All PayPal payments should be sent to this email address:

Please email or call us @ 218-365-7799 with any questions,
we are on the Central Standard Time Zone.

If I am from Overseas, can I pay via Master Card or VISA?

Yes, we are able to accept some credit card payments for Overseas Orders.
Feel free to email me to make sure it's ok to accept your particular credit card.

So many things are out of stock. Why is this??

Yes, there are many items out of stock or discontinued right now.
We are going thru some changes with a smaller selection of Furry Animals being available.
Our Website is slowly being updated to take the items that are out of stock or Discontinued offline.
This will be a long process. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to call us at:
218-365-7799 or 888-669-0956

How long does it take to get my order?

If your item is in stock, we will ship it right away via USPS First Class Mail.
  There is also the option for USPS Priority Mail, which is a 2-3 day service and cost $7.95.  If your item is not in stock and needs to be ordered, the whole process could take up to two weeks or more depending on your shipping address
Please note:  There are additional costs for oversized or overweight packages.
  If you need your item shipped "Right Away!",
 Please call to see what our Shipping Options are.   888-669-0956

I sent you an email, but it came back undeliverable? Why is this?

Some Internet Service Providers have changed their Protocol recently and this has caused some problems with emails being bounced back. If this happens to you, the best thing to do is just give me a call directly at
218-365-7799 or if you stil have a landline, toll free at  888-669-0956

I'm ordering this as a Christmas present for my dad, what if
I need my gift  in 2-3 days?

No problem, just give us a call directly to see what the options are. 
Our toll free number is 888-669-0956

Our free shipping is for USPS First Class Mail which is a 5-10 day service.   
USPS Priority Mail is a 2-3 day service, but is not guaranteed for an extra $6.95.
USPS Express Mail is a 2 day service that is guaranteed for an extra
$25.00-35.00 depending on the weight of the item & size of the box. 
UPS 1 or 2 Day Service is very expensive, but it is a possibility also. 
Fed Ex is also available, which is also expensive
Again, it is best to call us directly:  888-669-0956 or 218-365-7799

The item that I ordered says it costs $0.00, what does this mean?

When and item is listed as $0.00, that means that it is a Discontinued Item or it is currently Out Of Stock.   If you need help finding something similar, please email or give us a call on our toll free number at: 888-669-0956

How does your 60 Day Money Back Guarantee work?

If you are not completely satisfied with your item ordered,
return it (in it's original condition) within 60 Days to receive a refund for
the cost of the item.  Please note, shipping charges are non-refundable.
 When an item is returned, you are refunded for your purchase price, less
the original shipping cost of the order. We do not pay for shippping on any returned items. 
Return Shipping must be paid for by the customer.  

Orders under $200.00 are subject to a 25% Restocking Fee.
Orders $200.00 and over are subject to a 50% Restocking Fee.

Are the Plush Stuffed Animals really MACHINE WASHABLE?

Yes, but do not put them in the Dryer.  Most of the Douglas Cuddle Toy Plush Stuffed Animals are Machine Washable.  There are a few though that are Surface Wash Only.  This means to wash by hand on the surface only.  Please do NOT put them in the dryer.  The Paper Tag will indicate either "Machine Washable: or "Surface Washable". 
If you have any questions at all, please call us toll free @

What if I want to exchange my item for another one?

You are welcome to exchange your item for another one.  You would be responsible for the cost of shipping the item back to us and our shipping the new item to you.

I don't see any prices for the Furry Animals.  Where can I find prices?

Click on the picture of the animals and you will come to a page where all the prices are listed clearly.  OR, adjacent to the left lower corner of the picture of the
Furry Animals and right above the Buy It Now button is a
drop down menu that says:
Click the down arrow to select item number Here>>>
  When you click the down arrow, you will see all the prices and sizes
of each animal on that page.  This is where you would make
your selection and then click
Buy Now to place an order online.

How do your sizes run?

Here is a scale that may help with sizes:
Medium: 110-140 lbs and 5’-5’6" tall
Large: 140-170 lbs. and 5’6" to 5’9" tall
X-Large: 170-200 lbs. and 5’8" to 6’1" tall
2X-Large: 200-230 lbs. and 5'11 to 6’4" tall
3X-Large: More than 230 lbs.
We are getting more & more shirts that are in sizes 4XL & 5XL & Tall Sizes, but we cannot carry these sizes in everything.  If you are interested in our Bigger Sizes or need help choosing a size, please give us a call: 888-669-0956

 How big is the furry animal that I want to order?

On the left of every picture is a drop down menu which shows the size
in inches and price. Sizes are listed by Length X Height. It helps
to use a ruler to envision the size.
If you can't locate this drop down menu, just click on the picture.  This will take you to a page where all the sizes and prices are clearly noted on the page.
The Furry Animals are all proportionate to each other, so the bigger items are at the tops of the pictures.

I don’t see the dog that I’m looking for?

We have many different breeds of dogs available, but not all of them
are on the website. Just email us or give us a call toll free at:
888-669-0956 to see if we have what you are looking for.

My shirt is too big, can I exchange it?

Yes, just email or call me and let me know what size you will need. You will be responsible for postage on exchanges.

Can I have my order shipped directly to the person it is meant for?

Yes, we can even put a Gift Card in the box with your own personal
message like "To: Denny All my love, Aunt Diane"

Do you have gift certificates available?

Yes, just email us or give us a call toll free at: 888-669-0956 and
we will set up a gift certificate for you.

I can't get anyone to answer the phone? 
Why don't you answer?

We have recently moved to a rural area.  Because we are in Northern Minnesota, very close to Canada, we may loose our power during times of thunder storms, excessive snow, or ice.  No power means no telephone or internet service until the power comes back on.  If you are trying to reach us during a time like this, please send an email and try calling us later in the day. 

I don't see any prices for the Clothing.  Where can I find prices?

Under each "Back Print" Picture you will see two drop down menus.
One says: Choose styles and prices Here>>>
Then next to that the drop down menu says:
Then select size Here>>
To place an order, first select your style with price,
 then select your size and click Buy Now.

 Why can’t I find a picture of your Denim Shirts??

We do have Denim Shirts, but only in a few of our prints. Give us a
call toll free at: 888-669-0956 to see if the print you are interested in is available in a Denim Shirt.  We also have Khaki Colored Denim Shirts available.

Do you have tall sizes?

Yes, tall sizes are available in the Denim or Khaki Long Sleeve Shirts and we now have TShirts available in tall sizes too.
Please call to see what is available:  888-669-0956

Do you sell wholesale?

Yes, go to our Wholesale Page and fill out a form to receive a
 wholesale catalog and price list.

Do you trade links?

Yes, just email us and we would love to trade links!

Do you have children's sizes?

Yes, many of our Prints are done in Kids' Sizes……please call to see what is available:

Do you have a Question?

 Give us a call toll free at 888-669-0956 or 218-365-7799.  Please email us your question here:


Wildlife Treasures Apparel & Gifts

Great Christmas Presents for Hunters or Wildlife Lovers.
Available in many prints:

Whitetail Deer     Elk     Wolf     Moose     Bear 
Eagle     Ducks     Loon     Turkey     Pheasant



Handcrafted animal figurines made
with rabbit and goat fur and feathers!
They are so life like, you may think they are real!
>>Click on any animal here to go directly to that page

NEW!  Soft Stuffed Plush Animals!

Click on the picture below to check out these
cute cuddly stuffed dogs!

Click here to see Douglas Dogs!


Free Shipping in the USA!

*Does not apply to returns or exchanges.
Canada Shipping $12.95
Overseas Shipping $19.95
*Does not apply to oversized packages.

Easy Online Shopping
available with our
Secure Shopping Cart
wherever you see the
Buy Now Button

60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

See what our customers say about us!

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Click here to see all of our Deer hunting shirts.

Denim Shirts


Click on the animal that you would like to
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Chickens Chimpanzee
Collie Dogs Cows
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Dogs Donkeys
Ducklings Ducks
Eagle Fox
Giraffe Goats
Goose Gorilla
Halloween Props Horse
Huskie Dogs Jackalope
Kittens Lab Dogs
Lamb Lemur
Leopard Lions
Llama Lynx
Mice Mini Animals
Monkey Moose
Moosehead Owls
Panda Panther
Parrots Pegasus
Pigeon Rabbits
Raccoons Roosters
Sleeping Cats      Small Animals
Skunk Squirrel
Stuffed Animals Tigers
Turkey Unicorn
Wolves Zebras

New Page!! Snapshots

Here you can see Pictures from Happy Customers!  See our realistic and lifelike Furry Animal Figurines in action:  at art exhibits, as a movie prop in a television film, at theatrical productions, or in the hands of a small child who loves their new pet!!!

Click here to see more pictures from customers


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